Giver’s Honor Roll

July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012: We recognize the following individuals, foundations, churches, corporations, schools and other organizations that have contributed to the ministry. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of all donor names. If we have missed you or spelled your name incorrectly, please let us know.

$25,000 And Over

Hunger Relief Fund of Wisconsin, Quad Graphics/Windhover Foundation


Northwestern Mutual Foundation, Nicholas Family Foundation


1 Anonymous Donor, Catholic Community Foundation – JCC Fund, The Grainger Foundation, The Roundy’s Foundation, United Way of Greater Milwaukee Donor Choice


3 Anonymous Donors , Empty Bowls Project, Federal Emergency Management Assistance Grant, Gardner Foundation, Luedke-Smith Fund – The Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Lux Foundation, Gerald and Elaine Mainman, Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation, Stackner Family Foundation, Inc., Trainer Family Foundation


2 Anonymous Donors, All Saints’ Cathedral Hunger Book Sale, August Mueller Trust (U.S. Bank, Trustee) , Robert W. Baird & Co. Foundation, Christ Church Episcopal – Whitefish Bay, Community United Methodist Church – Elm Grove, Gathering Memorial Fund – The Greater Milwaukee Foundation, GE Foundation, David and Mel Johnson, Greg and Jackie Johnson, Joy Global, Ladish Company Foundation, Thompson Foundation, Inc.,  John Zacher


5 Anonymous Donors, Stephan Acton, Bostik, Inc., CAN Insurance Company, Lucy Cooper, Custom Service Mfg., LLC, Richard and Mary DeLuca, Gene Detert, Emmanuel United Church of Christ, Rachel Finger, Daniel and Kathy Glaser, Paul and Kathy Hartke, Steve Holt, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Michael Istwan and Amy Korpi, Dan and Nancy Kiernan, Kuehl Family Foundation, Eugene and Gwendolyn Lavin, Joanna Linsley, Mike and Ginny McBride, Jeff and Holly Morris, John and Beryl Mulhern, Ab Nicholas, Rite Hite Foundation, William and Susan Rose, St. John Chrysostom Episcopal Church, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church—Milwaukee, St. Matthias Parish, Richard Schreiner, Margaret Schumacher, Searman-Goes Family Foundation, Inc., Service Club of Milwaukee, Gary and Maureen Shebesta, Silverman Family Foundation, Stony Hills Presbyterian Church, Richard and Mary Thickens, Twin Disc Incorporated, Marc Vandiepenbeeck, Robert and Ellen Venable, Donald and Kate Wilson, John and Julie Wolf

$500 - $999

9 Anonymous Donors, Answerport Management and Technology Consultants, Robert C. Archer Designated Fund-The Greater Milwaukee Foundation, David Ashpole, David and Karen Bartel, James Bauman, Bayerlein Foundation Ltd., Evert and Cindy Berndt, Richard and Karen Binder, Joe and Marlene Bruno, Lisa Christiansen, Cottrell/Jacobs and Housiaux Family Fund-The Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Vincent and Linda Dindzans, Extendicare Health Services, Richard Fabing, John Farina, David P. and Marjorie L. Hamacher Fund-The Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Heider and Bott Company, Inc., Houghton Mifflin Matching Gift Program, Henry Jaskulski, Silas Johnson, Frederick and Susan Kasten, Ted and Mary Kellner, James and Dona Knight, Jill Kortebein, Evan Lenhardt and Virginia Finn-Lenhardt, Jim and Maureen Leurquin, George and Sharon Loxton, Marking Services, Inc., Andrew Martin and Janet Trostel Martin, Michael McClone, Hazelyn McComas, Joseph and Joni McDevitt, Tom and Diane McGinn, Rex and Gladys Merriman Fund-The Greater Milwaukee Foundation, The Other Stratton Foundation, Allan and Sandy Pasch, Dennis Petrick, Jack and Martha Prince Family Fund -The Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Thomas Radomski, Will Ross Memorial Foundation, St. Bernard's Congregation-Wauwatosa, St. James' Episcopal Church- Milwaukee, St. Jude The Apostle-Wauwatosa, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church-Cedarburg, St. Paul's Episcopal Church-Milwaukee, Saints Andrew and Mark Gift Trust, Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving, Seeds of Health Elementary, James and Christine Speaker, Natalie Swanson, Carl and Nancy Trimble, Trinity Episcopal Church-Wauwatosa, Western Province of the Community of St. Mary, Trevor and Margaret Will, Eugene and Carmen Witt, Lee Wolcott

$250 - $499

11 Anonymous Donors, A & A Manufacturing Company, Inc., Jeff and Susan Allen, Emily Bach, William and Kathryn Berezowitz, Andrew and Anita Boyd, Jane Bozewicz, Robert and Elizabeth Bradley, Brewcity Bruisers, Darrel and Linda Bybee, Law Office of John Cabaniss, Carrie Taylor and Nettie Taylor Robinson Memorial Fund-The Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Christ Church- Delavan, James and Diane Cowles, Margaret Dahlman, Paul Fackler, Sarah Fanjul, Gary and Faye Giesemann, Greendale Community Church, Greg and Hazel Griffin, Gerald Harmon and Ellen Croke, Holz Motors-Hales Corners, Johnson Controls, Inc., JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Maureen Kania, Peter and Mary Klabunde, Randall Klumb and Sarah Ford, Brian Koch, Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc., Michael and Sarah Kubly, Brian Lanser, Bill and Missy Levit, Rob and Becky Lonergan, Daryl and Kim Lueck, Frederick and Kathryn Luedke, Anthony and Julianne Maggiore, Peter Mahsem, Sr., Jane Matheus, Mark and Karen Meunier, Susanne Michalski, Jose Montenegro, III, Jo Mooney, Jean Mueller, William and Susan Mueller, Nordco, Inc. , Kevin and Cheryl O'Connor, Dick and Betty Peterson, James and Michelle Piech, William Reichhardt, Bill and Mitzi Roy, St. Agnes Congregation-Butler, St. Augustine Congregation-Milwaukee, St. Boniface Episcopal Church- Mequon, St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church-Greendale, Patrick and Valerie Schoen, Marilyn Schrader, Thomas and Meredie Scrivner, Shorewest Realtors, Roger and Margery Senn, Jerry Smith, Melvin and Lee Stapel, Kevin and Melanie Stewart, Teresa Trostmiller, Patrick and Joanne Ward, Western States Envelope and Label Company, Wanda Zemler-Cizewski

$100 - $249

44 Anonymous Donors, Christopher and Natavan Abbott, Advocacy Investments, Diane Anschuetz, Dave and Jill Aschebrook, Dick and Patsy Aster, J. Mark Baker, Phillip and Margaret Bartness, Mildred Baumler, Beam Global Spirits and Wine, Inc., David and Diane Bedran, Bentley World Packaging, Mindy and Paul Biedrzycki, Sabine Bierold, Jack and Peg Blank, Patricia Bowne, Elizabeth C. Bradley, Jim and Ruth Brennan, Amy and Mark Bronner, Jackson Bruce, Jr., Dick and Sandy Buchman, Gary Buerstatte and Anna Pepelnjak, Georgia and John Cain, Charles Camilli, Jim and Laura Carlos, Alexandra Carlson, Mike and Sue Carnahan, Sue Jean Ceel, Gary and Mary Chmielewski, Catherine and John Clarke, Rick and Lana Colbo, Continental Equipment, Michael and Kathleen Crabb, Kip and Patricia Cramer, Data Financial, Inc., Randy Dean, Leanne Drives, Dolores Duffey, Ted and Beth Durant, Thomas and Michele Ebben, Guenther Eisenmann, Don Ellingsen, Emmanuel Community United Methodist Church-Menomonee Falls, Daniel and Corinne Engstrand, Faith Community Church-Franklin, Thomas and Linda Feist, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Arthur and Nancy Fritz, Betsy Fryda, Jeffrey and Cynthia Garland, Cynthia and Jeffrey Gault, Thomas and Roxanne Gebhard, Frank and Susan Gedelman, Sandra Gepfert, Julie Giacobassi, Richard and Joanne Glaser, Michele Goldstein, Paul and Bonnie Gossens, Joe and Joanne Graf, Jim and Sarah Gramentine, Chris and Lorraine Gramling, Charles and Deborah Graupner, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, Claire Greene, Howard and Christine Gygax, Doug and Margaretann Haag, Hader Industries, Inc., Paul and Mary Beth Haubrich, Stephen and Deborah Heinze, David Henry and Deborah Ciszewski, Kurt and Sharon Hoefert, Debbie Hogate, Carolyn Hoover, David and Mary Elizabeth Huntington, INdustri Cafe, Andrew and Ruth Itzov, Kenneth and Mary Lee Jacobs, Nancy Jacobs, Keith Jacoby, Marilyn W. John, Gayle Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson and Marie Hoven, Lenny and Patty Johnson, Sue Jones, Jayne Jordan, Dennis and Pam Kandziora, Jeffrey and Dawn Kautzer, Anne Kebisek Dudek, Thomas Kloehn, Doris Kontos, Carolyn Korona, Charles Krause, Nancy Krebs, Christine Krueger, Kristin and Peter Kult, Ian and Katherine Lambert, Lessiter Publications, Dan and Judy Linsley, Eileen Lipinski, Mark and Diane MacDonald, Jennifer Mays, Anthony Medina, Chris and Mary Meixner, William Mehlhorn, Douglas and Suzanne Mettelman, Brion and Betty Miller, David and Roberta Mliner, Thomas Mooney and Elene Strates, John Morton, Harry and Ellie Moseley, Judy and Richard Nell, Michelle Nelson, Ronald Nelson and Elizabeth Pfluger, Ronald and Patricia Nielsen, Gregory Norman and Margaret Stratton, Barry and Becky O'Connor, David and Judith Olson, Dr. David Paris, Harrison and Susan Parker, Ed and Sue Patschke, Charles and Evelyn Payson, Marshall H. Pepper, Joseph Pipitone, Jack and Mary Plemons, Mary Prince, Bruce and Lyn Ranta, Jay and Denise Riederer, William Robison, Michael Rocque, Martin and LeeAnn Roehner, Mason and Julie Ross, Charles and Patricia Roy, Dick and Martha Roy, Martha J. Rutkofske, St. Thomas Aquinas School-Waterford, Donald and Carol Schardt, Craig Schnuck, Ted Schnuck, Jr., School Sisters of Notre Dame, Ron and Michelle Schroeder, Ellsworth and Miriam Schuett, Daniel and Kathleen Schultz, Davita Shanklin, Glenn and GiGi Sheridan, Katherine Smith, R.A. Smith National, Wendy Sopkovich, Susan Spath, Julie Starks, L. William and Kathleen Staudenmaier, Gertrude Stillman, Jane and John Stoneman, Scott and Holly Stoner, Streich Family Foundation Inc., Summit Credit Union, William Swisher, Marjorie Szydlowski, Dean and Kathy Thome, Roy and Sandy Uelner, Slack Ulrich and Barbara Becker, United Way of Metro Chicago, Carol Veit, Sue Watson, Wauwatosa Avenue United Methodist Church-Wauwatosa, Walden and Mildred Weaver, Weber & Rick, SC, Gregg Weirauch, Theresa Wiedoff, Steven and Susan Wilson, Terrance and Mary Winkler, Wixon, Inc. , Bob and Connie Wolf, Judy Wood, Nancy Zaborowski

$50 - $99

41 Anonymous Donors, Albright United Methodist Women-Milwaukee, Todd and Kelly Anderson, Thomas and Kathleen Asher, Dan and Cheryl Bellissimo, Laxman Beniwal, Neal and Beth Berger, Marjorie Bjornstad, Joan Blaicher, Michael and Kim Breitbach, Gayle Bush, Elizabeth Campbell, Alan and Carole Cellarius, Fern Chmielewski, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church-Jackson, Thor and Joan Christensen, Catherine Clark, Del Clear, Frank and Patricia Danes, David and Stephanie Dean, Sandra Dereskos, Robert and Laurie Dickhut, Deborah Dion-Simon, Timothy and Susan Dugan, Nancy Dunbar, Brian Dutcher, James and Susan Dziak, John and Shari Egan, Edward and Alice Eisendrath, Epistles of Christ-Northwest Mission Department, Richard and Peggy Falsetti, Kathryn Farseth, Cid Filter, Helen Flynn, Norman and Judith Fons, Jim Foy, Robert and Linda Frisch, Margaret Furdek, Walter and Donna Gager, Jim Gill, Dorothy Gillet, Donald and Carolie Goniu, Joseph Grafwallner, Clark and Kathy Gridley, Norman Gunder, Dick and Susan Hackl, David and Janice Hahn, Jan Hamann, Ron and LouAnn Hammes, Steve and Jana Hanagan, Mike and Gay Hatfield, Len and Karen Haubert, John Haydon, Vanda Healy, Arthur Heitzer, Maya Held, H. Allen and Joan Higgins, Hobert & Svoboda Enterprises, Inc., Paul and Kathleen Hoffman, Aziz Ikhlef and Chafiha Idri, Barbara and Chuck Jackson, Rachel Jones, Sue Pepper Joys Living Trust, Shirley Kapus, Joy and Tom Kasun, Cathy Kendrigan, Frederick and Xiaodan Kier, Earl and Elaine Klabunde, Jack and Lynne Kleinman, Norton and Betty Ann Kollmann, James and Janice Koput, Craig and Karen Korn, David Krajewski, Robert Krecak, Jerry and Mary Kringel, Samuel Kruschel, John Lapinski and Helena Pycior, John Laskowski and Catherine Mingo, Susan Lauersdorf, Jerome and Virginia Laurent, Mary Ellen Lukaszewicz, Gary Maddox, Karen Mahler, Vincent and Kathleen McAvoy, Mark and Nancy McQuide, Jim and Judy Millard, Rob and Heidi Mortensen, Kathleen Neuman, Tracie Noah, Deborah Oseland, James and Claudia Paetsch, Bruce and Anita Parnau, Pat and Phyllis Pellechia, Jonni and Carl Penner, Lorinda Percifield, Betty Phillips, Rich Phillips, Bruce and Alice Pollock, Carol Privette, Neil and Jane Radtke, James Reiher, Ruth Renzelmann, Bret Roge and Jill Munson-Roge, William and Dorothy Rooney, John and Pat Rossmiller, Margaret Roy, John Roy, II, Richard and Kristie Rozran, St. Mary's Episcopal Church- Dousman, St. Rafael Catholic School-Milwaukee, Marc and Brigid Schaepkens, Jan Scherr, Steve and Lynne Schley, Virginia Schrag, Judy and Mark Schueller, Virginia Shackleton, Patricia Sheahan, Tom and Martha Shimek, Mark and Minna Smith, Jerry and Linda Stepaniak, James and Barbara Tacyshyn-Roth, Tollefsen Steel, Frank Walbrink, Dianne Weber, Stephen and Carol Weber, Lisa Weiner, Dean Wernicke, Everett and Ellen Wessell

$49 and under

202 Donors

Memorials and Honorariums

Throughout the fiscal year, some of the donors listed above gave gifts in memory or in honor of the following individuals:

Michael Glenn Altman, Robert C. Archer, John F. Barry, Margaret Bersch, Anne R. Bode, E.W. Brentz Marion Byers, Jim Clark, Warren Conley, N. Donk, Paul G. Eklund, Barbara Fahey,  Dr. Joseph Faupl, DDS, Joe Feldy, Lois Filbey, Robert Flynn, Elnor Geissmen, George Greene, Suzanne Greene, Thelma Greene, Marlene Hardt, Tony and Bernice Joerres, Richard “Dick” John, Bob Jorin, Park Joy, Cyril Karrels, Janet Kivell, Al Kosharek, Char Kulas, Lavina Kulas, Terry Laskowicz, Willis and Helen Lockwood, Ben Louthan, Dr. Ben Louthan, John Mann, Annette DeMers Mark, John "Shorty" Metzenheim, Diana Montenegro, Frank Mooney, Richard Mooney, Ed Moore, Ronnie Nelson, Josephine Oldfield, Pat Phinney, Patricia Pups, Tim Repensek, Bill Scanlon, Tom Sopkovich, Gordon Sorensen, David Stoner, Catherine Tackman, William Taylor, Linda Timm, James W. Wahner, Verna Walbrink, Nina Campanelli Wall, Craig Warner, Ron Wasilowski, Thomas Weber, DuWayne Wornardt, Ginny Zacher, Dennis Zagorski