Craig: Humility and Hard Work

When asked to do an interview, Craig Burrow was hesitant. He is not the kind of person who seeks out the spotlight and he is not “much of a talker.” Craig’s humility, combined with his work ethic, contributes to his amazing volunteer skills. Every Monday through Friday at the Gathering’s breakfast program, Craig can be seen cooking, chatting, laughing and washing dishes in the kitchen.

Craig explained that he got involved with the Gathering through community service. This September will mark Craig’s two year anniversary volunteering with the breakfast program. Craig prefers to spend his time in the kitchen, behind the scenes. He explained, “George is a way cool guy, and being around Cary? It’s fun. He’s a joker. I like to do my thing and watch everybody.”

Craig admires and respects the Gathering staff and volunteers and has become a valuable part of the morning meal. Deacon Ned, a long term volunteer and supporter of the Gathering has also been somewhat of an inspiration to Craig: “I look forward to whenever the Deacon is here. I look forward to his prayers.”

Craig has dealt with homelessness before, but is currently sharing an apartment with a friend. His friend pays a reduced rent and Craig prepares all of their meals as his share of the rent. Since his roommate is not a good cook, the skills Craig cultivated at the Gathering really pay off.

Through connections at the Gathering, Craig has also been able to secure some employment opportunities. He hopes to gain full time work and find his own place. 

“That’s why it’s important to stick around here—‘cause of the connections. That’s what’s important to me—getting my own place  That’s all I ever wanted.”

Craig’s calm spirit, get-the-job-done-attitude, smile, and commitment makes the Gathering’s breakfast program a little better. We hope the connections made can pay him back for all he does for others.