Volunteer Spotlight: CG Schmidt

CG Schmidt volunteers in the breakfast serving line

CG Schmidt volunteers in the breakfast serving line

Gathering volunteers are always contributing in new and unique ways and they never cease to surprise us. One group who has demonstrated this so far is the volunteer group from CG Schmidt. CG Schmidt is a “values-based construction management and general contracting firm, driven by our core value of caring.” Their core value of caring certainly came through when various employees volunteered their time to serve at the Gathering’s breakfast meal throughout December and January. What’s even more interesting is the reason the staff volunteered.

Greg Morelli, a construction manager for CG Schmidt explained, “Our owner, Rick Schmidt, does a lot to give back. Rather than come together to give him a tie and a Christmas card, which we normally do, his assistant asked anonymously via e-mail if we could join the Gathering to help needy and hungry people. It is a way to thank Rick in a little more meaningful way, because this kind of service is near and dear to Rick’s heart.”

Morelli also stated that he is proud of his co-workers. Over the five days of volunteering, there were 32 different volunteer slots filled. Such a good turnout says a lot about the CG Schmidt team and their overall attitude. In addition to volunteering, the staff also prepared bagged lunches to contribute, so guests had something to take away from the meal. While staff members had different reasons for volunteering their time, the caring value was present throughout.

Tom Pagel, a project/construction manager with CG Schmidt observed, “This is my second time volunteering. I believe in karma. Do good things and good things happen, I’m a pay-it-forward kind of person. I worked on the serving line and giving coffee. When you’re serving, you get personal contact. You always hear stories on Facebook about how it could be just a smile that can make a positive difference. Serving on the front line, you’re acting as that welcome. That’s what we try to do.”

Pagel also explained that through George, the Gathering’s breakfast coordinator. The group had an educational discussion about poverty: “If you don’t know the city, George’s education about poverty brings it to real life.”

We are so impressed with CG Schmidt staff members! Our volunteers continually make a concerted effort to learn more about poverty and hunger, give back to the community and practice compassion. We hope that all of our volunteers are able to take what they learn from their experiences with the Gathering and pay it forward.

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