We Love the Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee

The Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee is “Milwaukee’s primary resource for volunteerism." It helps recruit volunteers for the Gathering’s meal programs, along with other volunteer-based nonprofits in the area. The Center also provides area nonprofits with countless resources. They do great work behind the scenes and we think it’s time they are recognized.

Jessica Tabbutt is the program coordinator at the Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee. Tabbutt runs the Center’s website, speaks at community service fairs, corresponds with prospective volunteers and works in creative ways to promote volunteering throughout Milwaukee. If that wasn’t enough, Tabbutt still finds time to volunteer at partner agencies. 

“One of my personal goals is to really get to know the agencies and volunteer opportunities I’m sending volunteers to.”

Tabbutt’s experiences with the Gathering’s meal program have been enjoyable. “Every one of the guests and fellow volunteers were so nice to be around. I pointed out to a friend after the experience, you wouldn’t even know it was 7:30am while you’re there. Everyone is chipper, in a good mood and excited to be there!”

Tabbutt also interacted with many of the Gathering’s long term volunteers including Robert and Yolanda, Marquette High School students, and more.

“Yolanda told me that the week before I was there was her one year anniversary of volunteering at the Breakfast Program. Along with her, many of the others were returning volunteers as well. I think that it’s very special when volunteers love being there so much they return time and time again.”

The Gathering is so thankful for our volunteers, whether they can come once, twice, or have been volunteering for a year. The work of Jessica Tabbutt, the Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee, and other community organizations strengthens our committed volunteer network. We cannot thank you all enough!

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