2011 Gathering Service Award Winners

At our Volunteer Recognition Event, we awarded volunteers with Service Awards. Here is a complete list of our winners. 

Individual Awards

The George Greene Award for exceptional service by a guest turned volunteer is named after founder and long time Gathering Board President. The 2011 George Greene Award went to Robert Harrell who has been faithfully volunteering daily at our Breakfast Program.

The following individual volunteers reached service milestones in 2011 for number of years of continuous volunteering:

  • 25 years: Lisa Murray, Cook Team Leader and Kitchen Coordinator, St. James’ Saturday
  • 20 years: Sister Carolyn Stahl, Breakfast Program weekly volunteer
  • 15 years: Bill & Mitzi Roy, Coordinators, South Side Saturday
  • 15 years: Robin Coffman, Cook Team, St. James’ Saturday
  • 10 years: Andy & Marisa McKee, Cook Team, South Side Saturday
  • 7 years: Harvey & Cheryl Ganske, Coordinators, South Side Saturday
  • 7 years: Marie Hoven, Coordinator, St. James’ Saturday
  • 7 years: Deacon Ned Howe, Breakfast Program weekly volunteer
  • 7 years: Tom & Diane McGinn,Cook Team, St. James’ Saturday
  • 7 years: Carol Pat Szopinski, Cook Team, St. James’ Saturday
  • 5 years: Mike Yost, Cook Team, St. James’ Saturday
  • 5 years: Lisa Schuldt, Cook Team, St. James’ Saturday
  • 5 years: Cheri Grambo, Cook Team, ONG Saturday
  • 3 years: Velma Foster, Cook Team, ONG Saturday
  • 3 years: Noni Guddie, Coordinator, St. James’ Saturday
  • 3 years: Dan & Judy Linsley, Cook Team, St. James’ Saturday
  • 3 years: Joanna Linsley, Cook Team, St. James’ Saturday
  • 3 years: Tricia Trexell, Coordinator, St. James’ Saturday

Group Awards

The following groups reached service milestones in 2011 for number of times volunteering:

  • Over 300:  Marquette University High School
  • Over 175:  Johnson Controls
  • Over 150:  Emmanuel Community United Methodist 
  • Over 125:  Fox Point Lutheran 
  • Over 75:  Immanuel Presbyterian, St. Rafael Catholic School
  • Over 65:  St. Christopher’s Episcopal, St. John Vianney Firm Believers
  • Over 50:  Joy Global
  • Over 35:  YouthWorks
  • Over 25:  Beautiful Savior Lutheran, St. Peter’s UCC, Trinity Lutheran
  • Over 15:  Divine Savior Holy Angels High School, Mt. Carmel Lutheran, St. Boniface J2A/Rite 13 Youth Group, St. Paul’s UCC

Friend of The Gathering Awards

Friend of The Gathering Awards are given to agencies, groups or individuals who have demonstrated exceptional compassion and dedication to The Gathering itself or to those we serve. 2011 winners are:

  • Roger Carroll (St. James’ Saturday Floor Coordinator) for exceptional attitude, training new coordinators and willingness to fill in whenever asked.
  • Michael Chavez, Darrell Hopkins & Jesse Karr (Warehouse staff at Feeding America) for exceptional service to Gathering Staff and going out of their way to meet our food needs.
  • Joy Global (Formerly P&H) for consistent, generous and varied support of The Gathering’s work.
  • Joanna Linsley for commitment to The Gathering through board service, formation of Saturday cook team, and championing small Gathering Friendraiser events.
  • Nino Machi (Machi Produce) for donations of wonderful fresh produce.
  • Mount Carmel Lutheran Church (Northwest Side Church) for joining in the fight against hunger by piloting an additional Saturday meal site.
  • Israel Ojeda (National Warehouse staff) for helping above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Bill & Mitzi Roy for exceptional service as Saturday Coordinators, filling in as Breakfast Coordinators, and assisting in volunteer development for the new Shelter Meal Program.
  • Nancy Wieland (Mental Health Nurse) for many years of service to the mental health needs of our Breakfast guests through our collaboration with the Homeless Outreach Nursing Center.
Nancy Wieland and George Neureuther, Breakfast Coordinator

Nancy Wieland and George Neureuther, Breakfast Coordinator