Child and youth volunteers are greatly appreciated and welcomed! But to ensure optimal safety for our youngest volunteers, we ask parents, youth and children to follow our guidelines.  All youth and children should use only first names on nametags and when speaking with guests. Youth and children should remain inside our buildings unless taking out trash or recycling with an adult.

Youth ages 16-17 may volunteer alone at our weekday meal programs (Breakfast or Dinner) with written permission from a parent or responsible adult - the parent or responsible adult must accompany the youth on her/his first visit to provide the written permission -  or in a group with an adult chaperon.  All kitchen and dining area tasks are available.  

Youth ages 12-15  must be accompanied by a parent or adult chaperon at all times.  This applies to individuals and groups.  Age appropriate tasks will be assigned.  

Children ages 10-11 may accompany and assist their parents when volunteering but are not given solo tasks.  

Please click here for the full Child/Youth Policy including group supervision guidelines and age appropriate tasks.  


It is the policy of the Gathering, an interfaith meal program, to admit all persons. The Gathering makes no distinction in eligibility for our services, or the manner in which we provide those services. In keeping with these values, the Gathering welcomes all persons without regard to race, religion or lack of a faith belief, national origin, gender, age, handicap or sexual orientation. Click here for full policy.  


The Gathering does not sell or permit others to use its lists of donors and volunteers. The Gathering does not solicit publicity for activities inconsistent with its programs and mission statement, and does not solicit funds through the mail by sending unordered tickets or promotional items requesting money in return.