Volunteers: FY 2011/2012

This ministry relies on the hundreds of individuals and groups who donate their time and expertise.  Volunteers do 98% of the direct service work.  The numbers provided below are based on available tracking and observation from fiscal year 2011/2012. Leadership Volunteers - 65

These volunteer cooks & coordinators provide the leadership for our Saturday lunch program. They volunteered 2,681 hours valued at $47,668.

Service Volunteers – 30,861 donated hours

Gathering volunteers may come once during a year or daily. Each meal requires 12-20 volunteers, comprised of groups and individuals. In 2011/12, 31 schools, 59 churches, 25 service clubs & family groups, and 45 business groups and organizations participated.  Individuals from the surrounding area, including Gathering guests, volunteered regularly at the weekday meals. Fifty-eight (58) volunteers put in 300 hours of service time with our Produce Preservation Project. Individual volunteers completed school service requirements or court-ordered community service through their Gathering work.