Board and Staff


Virginia Schrag, Executive Director
Jim Ardis, Dinner Coordinator
Marianne Bach, Office Manager
Moses Cook, Security
Ed Kowach, Dinner Cook & Security
Angela Wright, Program & Volunteer Manager
Patricia Moore, Breakfast Cook
Steve Beste, Operations Manager
Nicole Franklin, Breakfast Program Coordinator
Walter Jennings (Great Lakes Security), Breakfast Security

“In this work, I know that every day we are making a positive difference in someone’s life.”
— Virginia Schrag, Executive Director


Joe Bruno, President
Harry Moseley, Vice President
Nancy Kiernan, Treasurer
Laura Thurow, Secretary
Cindy Berndt
Maggie Broeren

Gene Detert

Jeremy Gilbert

Guillermo Gutierrez
Bob Heindl
Nicole Hermann
Mark Hohensee
Jim Leurquin
Shane Morrison
Mary Thickens
Teresa Trostmiller

“The cooking experience from the start was a positive one and I am inspired by the concern, empathy, and passion demonstrated by so many of the Gathering’s volunteers and staff.”
— Cindy Berndt, Board Member

Gathering Board Emeritus

Mel Johnson
Mitzi Roy
Margaret Schumacher
Carl Templer

“The meal is just a small part of the Gathering. It’s hope, worthiness and appreciation of the people.”
— Moses Cook, Security